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"I could not believe how many pharmaceutical companies ask entry level candidates for their CNPR Certification. Getting my CNPR Certification was the key to me breaking into my Pharmaceutical Sales job. I love my profession and it was a wise career choice."

Shane Dawson - CNPR GSK

“I recently was offered and accepted a position with AB Science pharmaceuticals, a small pharma company promoting a veterinary canine cancer treatment. They were very impressed with my biology background as well as my basic knowledge of the pharmaceutical R&D, promotion, and sales process. Without my CNPR course I would not have been able to sound nearly as qualified and knowledgeable during the interview process. I believe having the CNPR certification and pharma industry knowledge definitely helped me get hired to my first pharma sales position. Thank you!”

Kirk Reynolds - CNPR - Maryland
Hired at AB Science Pharmaceuticals

”I always recommend taking new courses and vocational training for any career that I or someone else is dedicated to pursuing. However, I underestimated the value of getting my CNPR Certification. It was the reason I was selected into the interview process and then the deciding factor on why I was hired. If you are interested in getting into a Pharmaceutical Sales career take my advice and get your industry CNPR Certification.”

Richard Darkins - Amgen

"When applying for a job, there can be a field of candidates with the same experience and skills. What will make you stand out from the crowd? Recruiters look for those candidates with experience and professional coursework on their resume, showing they know their field of study. The applicants without any experience or certifications get put on the bottom of the pile. Be sure to add your relevant coursework to your resume to get your name to the top of the list. A CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Certification would definitely make this list of important qualifications."

Jeff Cochran - Shapiro Pharmaceutical Group

“Resumes are jam packed with information. A candidate may look impressive on paper, but that doesn’t mean they are the right fit. The best way to sift through them is to decide ahead of time the qualifications you’re looking for. A certificate through a training program, such as the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program, is sufficient. A CNPR certification equips potential hires with interdisciplinary expertise geared toward the unique challenges of a medical sales career.”

Ty Culver, Talent Acquisition Specialist - Culver Careers

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